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Dr. Cuellar is a compassionate obstetrician
who is there for you throughout your pregnancy.

Leading up to your baby’s birth, Asheville Ob-Gyn is there with you to make sure that both mother and child are healthy and happy.  Working with you as your own solo physician, Dr Cuellar provides continuous and personal one-on-one health care. The doctor will guide you every step of the way, respecting the natural process of pregnancy.

Pregnancy can cause a lot of stress for expectant parents.  Physical changes, concerns about the mother’s health, concerns about the baby’s health, and the responsibility for a new life can all add up to a lot of worries for new parents.   That is why Asheville Ob-Gyn provides important counseling and services to address the needs that expectant parents have, ensuring that your pregnancy and delivery go as smoothly as possible.  Our goal is to provide the best possible care for you and your baby.

All pregnancy-related hospital admissions will be to Park Ridge Hospital. We are pleased to be affiliated with Western North Carolina's most remarkable birth experience in the region!

Services provided during Pregnancy include:

  • Prenatal Office Visits
  • Laboratory testing
  • Prenatal Classes Through The Baby Place at Park Ridge Hospital
  • Office Ultrasound
  • Tests for Fetal Well-Being, including Biophysical Profiles, Umbilical Artery Doppler Studies by Ultrasound and Non-Stress Testing

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